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Livre d’Esdras – Comment profiter de la parole prophétique prononcée sur vous

Manifeste la Parole Prophétique de Dieu sur ta vie rapidement ! Dieu restaure tout ce que tu as perdu et te prépare pour sa gloire !

What you will learn

Understanding the Post Exilic period

Kings that ruled during the time of Ezra

The 3 Returns and The 3 Oppositions

How to start from where you are

The prayer and strategies that gets results

How to work the prophetic Word of God



The Book of Ezra Old Testament  is tightly linked to at least 8 other Books of the Bible. It is almost impossible to fully grasp how the Children of Israel experienced their restoration without reading and understanding Ezra.

Bible scholars tell us that it is probable Ezra the Priest wrote the Books of 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra as well as Nehemiah.

This Book chronicles the returns and rebuilding of Jerusalem as well as providing the New Testament Believer with tried and tested principles that we can apply to our lives today.

Without reading and understanding Ezra in the Bible a big chunk of history is removed from our theology. Ezra reminds us that:

– Gods Word is always fulfilled

– God is faithful and never forgets us

– Knowledge of history can aid our future success

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– God always protects and makes provisions for his people

For our own edifications and life transformation we draws out 7 key lessons from the Book of Ezra. We explore the rebuilding of the altar and the temple of God and how he used opposition to make provision for the project – See lesson six! There are many more lessons in this study that support God’s amazing miracles  for his people.


I am excited once again to present God’s word to you knowing that as you listen and process his word the oppositions in your will become a stepping stone for your future success.


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How The Book Unfolds
Unpacking The History, Prophets, Temple and the City!
Lessons 1-3
Lesson #1: How God Prepares People For You!
Lesson #2: How To Start From Where You Are
Lesson #3: Keep Yourself Strong & Finish Your Assignment
Lessons 4-6
Lessons #4: How To Work The Prophetic Word
Lesson #5: Why You Must – Learn-Do-Teach
Lesson #6: Avoid The Sinful Marriage
The Business Lesson
Lesson #7: Prayer and Strategy Wins The Race

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