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13 Raisons Pour Lesquelles Votre Mère Est Une Super Maman

1. Elle prend littéralement vos s**t sur elle et ne se plaint jamais.

2. She can juggle with family and work with a great aplomb.

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3. She saves every penny for you and remains your bank even into your adulthood.

4. She keeps an eye on you even while getting all chatty with a friend.

5. She may yell at you for your misgivings, but would sob to herself for having yelled at you.

6. She becomes your first teacher.

7. She will be patient with anything embarrassing or outrageous you say in public and correct you.

8. She will always be with you and make you feel secure no matter what.

9. She can fight with the whole world to defend you.

10. She always wants to know your whereabouts to ensure you are safe.

11. She loves spending time with you in every possible way.

12. She can be boastful about you because she is so proud of you!

13. With that good night greetings, you get over all the childish tiffs you have with your mommy.

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